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World Liver Day 2024

World Liver Day is observed every year on April 19. Facilities across Canada lit up green.

This is a day to promote global health awareness about the importance of liver health and early detection of liver diseases. This includes but is not limited to: liver cancer, fatty liver disease and hepatitis. Worldwide, liver cancer is the sixth most common cancer.

Liver cancer has accounted for up to 50% of all cancers in Africa, Southeast Asia and China. While authorities are observing reduced rates of liver cancer in this part of the world, liver cancer rates in North America are increasing. Hepatitis B and C viruses are the leading cause of this cancer. Increased rates of fatty liver disease, obesity and diabetes have increased liver cancer risk factors.

Fatty liver disease is also called MASLD or metabolic-dysfunction associated steatotic liver disease. It an be found in individuals who do not drink alcohol in excessive amounts and affects about 20%-30% of adults in North America.

Widespread Hepatitis B vaccination programs have helped reduce new cases of liver cancer.

Keep your liver healthy!

We were not able to capture photos from all of the facilities across Canada, but have included some here.

Disclaimer: The information on this website is for educational purposes only. Please consult your doctor for professional medical advice.

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